Your daily food intake-Capslim

January is almost here and in Capslim. US  we know first thing that come to our minds, when trying to lose weight is stop eating, nonetheless this could be one of the worst mistakes. I know you would be asking yourself why? Well the answer is quiet simple, the much time you spend without food the more fat your body will storage, with this you will also be feeling bloated.

Eating 5 times a day is one of the best diet plans, of course I do not have to tell you that it is not that you pig out or so, it is about thinking wisely what and when to eat it.

Breakfast has to be the most important food, imagine this amazing machine that our body is, spending more than 8 hours in a row without food. With a good breakfast you will provide it with nutrients and energy to keep on working well.  This is the time in which you can actually eat bread, cereal, sugar (as in fruits) and of course fiber. 

A small snack which could be some nuts it is ideal before going to lunch, in which proteins should be included and good fat as well, to continue with the job our body performs every day.  Then we can use another snack only if you are hungry, here you can include a small portion of fruit, such as an apple or some melon.

Last but not least is dinner, which we should be very careful with in order to continue with our weight loss we do not want to include huge amounts of sugar or carbs, so this one could be plenty of veggies an a small portion of protein.

I am 100 % positive if you follow this losing weight way of eating things will go very smoothly for you.