Eat chocolate lose weight –

Eating dark chocolate (70% or more cocoa) improves your mood; tryptophan contained in chocolate helps the production of serotonin which helps the production of endorphins that are the ones responsible of happiness. 
It improves the blood supply to the brain and dilates the blood vessels, dark chocolate makes blood flow to the brain much better, it helps improve our memory both in young and adults.
Reduces sweet cravings and this helps not to gain weight. 

Prevent or avoid strech marks –

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Stretch marks are the result of the breaking of the elastic fibers of the skin and are similar to bands, stripes or lines, these appear in a parallel way in a reddish or whitish tone. The causes occur mainly when there is an increase in volume, weight gain because the skin is stretched, another important cause is during pregnancy and this happens because a rapid growth of the body. These stripes are usually located on the belly wall, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks and breasts.
How to prevent the appearance of these lines; avoiding weight change, increased body mass, accompanied by good hydration of both the skin and oral say is highly recommended to drink at least 2 liters a day. In case of pregnancy you should not scratch your belly even if you feel like doing it. 
 It is important to moisturize with creams to avoid these marks.

Health Benefits of Apple

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Apples are one of the best fruits to eat many people usually say “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” and that is because they actually  reduce cholesterol, have high levels of fiber, prevent high blood pressure due to the  high levels of potassium which controls blood pressure. They also take care of your brain thanks to the quercetin each apple contains, it helps you to prevent memory losses, it prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Eating an apple before going to bed may also help you to fall asleep because of its high phosphorus content will help you sleep.

They protect your lungs as well, those people who consume at least two apples a week have up to 32% chance of reducing asthma than those who do not eat this fruit, due to its high flavonoid content in charge of protecting the respiratory tract.

Apples also help you on your lose weight journey, because fiber is a fruit that regulates metabolism, improves  digestion and makes you feel full longer, this when eating an entire apple at least 30 minutes before each meal will help reduce hunger and lose weight.

Swimming to lose weight-

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Swimming is the most complete sports which burns fat, helps to lose weight and tones your body, there are different exercises you can perform in a pool, but some are more effective and quick to achieve your goal since all parts of your body are working, for example, swimming in a continuous way to a maximum of 45 minutes will make your body burn fat more quickly since you are demanding your body a lot of energy and strength.  Another way is to make an exercise at intervals, that is, when you go to swim;  firstly you warm up, to avoid injuries and once your body is ready you swim 1 minute of maximum nerve and then 1 minute relaxed so complete 10 continuous minutes of this exercise. It is highly recommended to swim from two to three days a week since it is consistent to help you achieve losing weight faster. It has many benefits this sport within which they are ideal for improving circulation and recovering motor movements.