Eat chocolate lose weight –

Eating dark chocolate (70% or more cocoa) improves your mood; tryptophan contained in chocolate helps the production of serotonin which helps the production of endorphins that are the ones responsible of happiness. 
It improves the blood supply to the brain and dilates the blood vessels, dark chocolate makes blood flow to the brain much better, it helps improve our memory both in young and adults.
Reduces sweet cravings and this helps not to gain weight. 

Prevent or avoid strech marks –

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Stretch marks are the result of the breaking of the elastic fibers of the skin and are similar to bands, stripes or lines, these appear in a parallel way in a reddish or whitish tone. The causes occur mainly when there is an increase in volume, weight gain because the skin is stretched, another important cause is during pregnancy and this happens because a rapid growth of the body. These stripes are usually located on the belly wall, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks and breasts.
How to prevent the appearance of these lines; avoiding weight change, increased body mass, accompanied by good hydration of both the skin and oral say is highly recommended to drink at least 2 liters a day. In case of pregnancy you should not scratch your belly even if you feel like doing it. 
 It is important to moisturize with creams to avoid these marks.

Health Benefits of Apple

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Apples are one of the best fruits to eat many people usually say “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” and that is because they actually  reduce cholesterol, have high levels of fiber, prevent high blood pressure due to the  high levels of potassium which controls blood pressure. They also take care of your brain thanks to the quercetin each apple contains, it helps you to prevent memory losses, it prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Eating an apple before going to bed may also help you to fall asleep because of its high phosphorus content will help you sleep.

They protect your lungs as well, those people who consume at least two apples a week have up to 32% chance of reducing asthma than those who do not eat this fruit, due to its high flavonoid content in charge of protecting the respiratory tract.

Apples also help you on your lose weight journey, because fiber is a fruit that regulates metabolism, improves  digestion and makes you feel full longer, this when eating an entire apple at least 30 minutes before each meal will help reduce hunger and lose weight.

Losing weight after pregnancy

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During pregnancy it is well known women tend to gain 20-30 pounds, they include baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, blood supply, stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding and larger uterus.

One of the major concerns after giving bird is recovering our pre-pregnancy body, to be more specific our tummy, getting rid of belly fat and to tighten it again may sound as an odyssey. The first thing to keep in mind is that you and your baby are safe and sound, and that is actually what really matters; postpartum depression might make you feel you must do something about that abdominal flaccidity, and yes but OB-GYN is the one who give you a go.

Once you are allowed to exercise, the next step on your weight loss journey officially stars, take it easy, remember it took you 9 months to gain all that weight. Exercising 3 times a week could be a great starting, and soon you will see results.

Capslim will help you but only after your baby stop breastfeeding, even it is a natural product its intake is not recommended during this period of time.

Fat burning foods-Capslim

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When we talk about losing weight immediately comes to our mind diet plans, exercising, weight loss pills etcetera but we hardly think about food we can eat that help to burn fat.

One thing you could do for make smart decisions when talking about losing weight is include on your daily diet fat burning foods. In this delivery we will tell you which ones that not only help you on your journey but are also delicious.


Salmon, herrings, sardines, mackerel and other fatty fish.

Coconut oil.



Green tea

Apple cider vinegar

Oolong tea

Full-fat Greek yogurt

Olive oil.

One thing to keep in mind is that losing weight is a process that include changing life-style habits, so do not give up if you are experiencing some problems, do your best and eventually you will get where you want to be.

How to lose belly fat?-Capslim

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Loosing belly fat is something that we all concerned about, picture this: winter is almost over sunny days are coming and wearing fewer layers is inevitable. But there is a tinny problem you have been pigging out; of course the reason is because you need to get warm up and protect your body from the cold winter weather.

Losing weight does not need to be that hard there are some tips that you could use to make your weight loss journey easier and faster.

First remember that it is a process it will not happen from day to night so take it easy.

Second, don’t skip meals; your body needs fuel (healthy food) to work and if you do not provide enough it will find the way to get it.

Third, just move! It is not that hard, I’m not saying you enroll to an expensive gym or take up fancy activities that will cost a fortune (great if you can do it), there are tons of videos and you can exercise at home.

There are extra things you can do in order to get rid of those extra pounds, you could cut down on sweets, and fat, include healthy shakes for both breakfast or dinner; remember that this drinks must have more vegetables than fruits, because fruits tend to have huge amounts of sugar. Weight loss pills could also be an option as long as they have natural ingredients and you take them with responsibility.

Keep in mind that it is never too late to achieve your goals.


As often seen, our young women and mothers trying to maintain prominent curves and body shapes embrace uncertified and unnecessary fad diets. In extreme cases our desire to lose weight, we don’t mind leaping into very unhealthy and life risking shortcuts one of which is bariatric surgery. Not only does this unchecked methods pose serious danger to life, they end up not satisfying our weight lose goal. You become frustrated at the end. Yes! There comes an answer, a very easy and achievable means that describes how to lose weight. So far, it’s not only proven theoretically, but there are lots of success stories recorded by actual studies.

Again, it’s going to pose a hard task especially for our ladies when you limit what goes into their mouths as part of getting to lose their weight. This weight loss paradigm is so simple especially to our women that you won’t bother yourself with the problem of making informed, daily choices about healthy eating. In this system of weight loss we simply engage in not just exercise but a right and complete one. Also considering other options such as weight loss pills, diet pills as well as other well formulated supplements as embedded in the capslim  gives you an excellent advantage.Our ladies, it’s all for you to explore!

What really happens when we do exercise?

When stressed, the muscles become highly active as the tissues begin breaking and utilizing the fat deposits.As a general rule, the more we engage in workout exercises the more fat calories are burned afterwards (while at rest). In addition to this, intense and regular exercise, so far, has been studied to increase the resting metabolic rate for many hours longer than slow to moderate levels of exercise. This can be interpreted to mean that a person who has a short time, intense workout is would definitely have an increased resting metabolic rate much more longer than someone who exercises slow to moderate for longer. There may not be much need going into details about the metabolic activities associated with exercise rather, the quality.

How good is your exercise?

This is really a good question to start with for our women who really are in need of weight loss solutions. Are the right exercises in place? Special fitness exercises are particular when the question of how to lose weight comes in. Those seemingly simple steps together with walking as a form of gentle exercise, gives extraordinary results: other forms of exercises would take care of our butts, abdomen, waist and our body shape.

Have you the necessary kit for an effective exercise?

No need pondering over this. Capslim has all it takes to simply control your weight all without resorting to fat diets, uncertified weight loss pills or risky surgery. It’s got all workout kits and enabling and right diet pills just for you to tackle your weight loss goal ranging from those to keep your arms, abdomen and limbs. These specially designed kits are tested and trusted for this vital role in weight loss exercises.

It’s not just about the diet pills, the weight loss pills or the supplements, but a quality exercise, with the appropriate kits and devices in position, is so important in taking care of your weight loss goal. You won’t want to miss out Capslim with its best and uniquely designed products just there for our ladies to explore. Try them!




Weight reduction,  refers to a discount of the total frame mass, due to an average lack of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue or lean mass, particularly bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue. Weight reduction can occur by accident or due to malnourishment or an underlying ailment or get up from a conscious effort to enhance an actual or perceived overweight or obese state. Unexplained weight loss that is not because of reduction in calorific consumption or exercise is known as cachexia .it can be a symptom of a serious scientific situation. Intentional weight reduction is called slimming.

There is a large market for products which promise to make weight loss easier, quicker, cheaper, more reliable. They include

  • Books
  • DVD & CDs
  • cremes
  • lotions
  • pills
  • earrings
  • body wraps
  • belts for your body
  • fitness centers
  • clinics
  • personal coaches
  • weight loss groups
  • food productsand supplements.

What are Weight losing Pills?

They are anti-obesity medications. In other words, they are alternative to lose weight through exercise. By altering the absorption of calories they change the process of human body regulation.


What is better Regular exercise or Weight loss pills?

  • Exercising Keeps the Heart Strong

Regular exercise tones and strengthens the muscles. Our Heart is a muscle that needs a good workout to keep it healthy. Regular exercise lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Due to exercise blood circulation and ability to handle stress also increased.

  • Exercising Invigorates Both Mind and Body

exercising also keeps the mind clear and alert. it releases happy hormones. These hormones eliminate stress and anxiety. Beside this, it lowers the risk of depression and other mental disorders.

  • Keeps the Pounds Off

When your body is active enough. The calories burnt. Ultimately the body remains in the proper shape.

  • Strained Muscles

The surplus of everything is a danger either its exercise or overdose of medicine. Doing too much exercise makes your muscle strained and hence lead to joint or muscle pains.


  • Free and no diet plan is required

Exercising is free, you can do it at your home and in open places. There is no diet plan is required for this.

While on the other side the weight loss pills seemed to look a simple solution to lose weight.

  • Costly and need proper medication

There is no such thing as a free lunch. You always have to pay something to get something. Usage of weight loss pills needs proper medication and care because single overdose can put your life into trouble.

  • Unsafe Chemicals

There are chemicals involved in the production of these pills that are sometimes toxic to health. They can create different problems related to heart, kidney, liver, and cancer. Studies have shown that taking such pills make you frustrated, depressed.

So, we can say that exercising is better than any diet pill. Diet supplements may seem like a magical solution for the people with a strong desire of individuals who want to lose weight or maintain their weight.

What vitamins should you take to lose weight?

vitamin B-12, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and green tea supplements can help you lose weight. The benefits of using them are

  • revving up your metabolism
  • flipping a switch in your body
  • signaling your cells to burn fat

How Weight losing Pills actually works?

The herbal supplement works in a special way. They boost up your metabolism and suppress your desire to eat. Due to this, your body keeps absorbing the fact that you eat.


What should you do Loss weight?

  • never skip a breakfast. Eat a high-protein breakfast. Because it’s the most prime time to have things that you like and burn your calories throughout the day.
  • Try to eat fruits and vegetables rather than junk food. Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
  • Drink water a half hour before meals so that you would have less space left in your stomach and calories intake would be less
  • Choose weight loss-friendly foods
  • Drink tea or coffee, whatever you love to have, with your beloved ones
  • Eat your food slowly. By taking food in small portions can also help you to lose weight.
  • Stay persistent and positive.
  • Eat unprocessed foods.
  • Calorie counter can also help you to notify your daily food requirements
  • soluble fiber can help you to lose weight
  • Changing your psychological nature to think about food every single minute. Keep your self-busy in various tasks.



There must be a control on the availability of such products. As when such medication is readily available to every doorstep people would be less willing to exercises stuff and outdoor games to make them self physically and mentally fit.Because of availability of diet pills on only medical store people use it without any medication and then get harmed. So this must be controlled by Food and Drug Administration.




Health plays an important role in the development of a country. A state of complete physical, mental fitness is health. Social wellbeing is not only the absence of disease. In the formal learning procedure of a child health plays an important part because better health leads to taking him perform better in academics, home and ultimately for the society as a whole.

As it is considered that school teaches basic personal hygiene and sanitation to the students. We can say that the wealthier students are more successful in school and that can learn more efficiently. Not only these healthier students are more able to use education at any point in this life.


According to World Health Organization, there are two types of infrastructure

  • Human infrastructure that includes health, education, and nutrition in its all forms.
  • Physical infrastructure

Includes, Access to clean drink water, sanitation facilities, Access to basic necessities of life, food, house, shelter, and education self-esteem.

What are the main reasons behind the unhealthy life?

Poverty line (people below poverty live)

In developing countries there is a large proportion of people living below the poverty line poverty is not a situation in which there is per capita income is less than $1.5 but according to World Bank a person is called poor if he does not have food to eat, house to lives cloth to cover and skills for education and proper health.

Low level of education:

Education and health are closely linked with each other. Both are crucial for economic development of a country. A greater education helps to learn more manners about society. In developing countries, people donor have access to education. As a result, they don’t learn about the multiregional facts of eating healthy food. A situation of unhealthy life prevails.

An educated mother can also pray a positive role in such platforms through education as she can better understand the pros and cons of cleanliness and health.

Unemployment rate:

  • Despite a drastic increase in mechanization and technology. The unemployment rate is increasing in the overall world rather than decreasing. In developing countries, it is in its worst condition. Poor tend to have a large number of children because they which they would be more money at home. These child labor work in undesirable conditions and hence unhealthy lifestyle prevails
  • Psychological habits

These are psychological habits that make the situation sometimes worse. People do not make themselves adjustable in clean areas sometimes.

Stereotyped statements:

Why should we care other’s health? If they want it they can do it themselves.

  • Gender inequality:

Economic development is not only increased in capita income. It is the situation.

“What is happening to poverty?

What is happening to the unemployment rate?

What is happening to gender inequality?”

There is no development if one of two is increasing and even per capita income is increasing. All of three must be decreasing for economic development.

In developed countries, there is high gender inequality. Now agenda 2025 lies included it to decrease gender at national and international level. Boys are given more priory rather than female. So, they are in poor condition.

What should Developing countries do?

Create awareness:

  • As it is an era of mass communication, there is need to create awareness through mass media. The involvement of religious scholars to stress about health and malnutrition can also play. Positive role increase spending on health as a percent of GDP.
  • The government should play a positive role spending its budgets on health and malnutrition.
  • The improvement of physical infrastructure in the form of increasing sanitation facilities, road, water availability to the poor also the best way to increase investment in health.

 What can developed countries do?

  • Developed countries can help the developing countries only if they have will to do it.
  • With the investment in health and education sector in the form of assistance or on soft loans can help developing countries to achieve their goals.
  • Role of world health organizations can assist the developing countries by providing them physical infrastructure in the form of access to clean drinking water, health institutions, and sanitation facilities.



How to lose weight by not harming your health and nutrition

  • Learn from the people
  • Make your self-organized
  • Take the example of different developed countries and their peak point that how they helped their people to have a life full of nutrition and health.
  • Get fired up and make your self-focused.
  • Learn about malnutrition in this both forms it is dangerous for health
  • Address social problems rather than sitting idle in front of Television and gaining weight.
  • The government increased expenditure on Health and nutrition as a percent of Gross Domestic Product can bring positive change. As by this, the physical infrastructure will be developed and there will be economic growth.
  • Create linkage between Health and Education. Then you will realize that why Health is so important.








It can be a bit uncomfortable trying to squeeze yourself into that lovely new wear; I have been there before. Those days I will sit most days indoor mopping and shy of going to the beach with my friends. Why? My attractive curves are being denied of showing forth by my ‘out-of-shape’ tummy. However, I started getting it right when I decided to take a more bold and proactive steps to having the desired body I so much desired. If you are presently in my shoes now too, don’t bother yourself too much; soon those lovely jeans will fit well on you.

Cut your sugar and carbs intake

To have a flat tummy is not as difficult as many had painted it. But the very first place to start is your diet. Yes! What you eat daily. You will have to cut low on your carbs and sugar intake. These foods stimulate increase in blood sugar level which is one of the few things you wouldn’t want when trying to lose some fats in your belly.

The lower you are able to keep your blood sugar level, the lower you will be able to keep your insulin level low too. Insulin in your body is one of the significant fat storage hormones in your body. Therefore having too much of this hormone will cause your body to store up fats in your middle.

It’s important you consider taking more protein diet; it boosts metabolism and balances blood sugar.


You will have to engage yourself in daily exercises that will help keep you fit especially exercises that can help tone up your middle par; your belly. It is recommended you engage more in cardio exercise.

To effectively tone up your belly, aerobic exercise will really help you achieve your goal on time. You can consider doing ‘ball exchange exercise’ three times in a week a week too. One thing about doing exercise to attain lovely shaped body can be a bit uncomfortable for many women. But you can try out Capslim exercise products; am sure it will get you started on good note every day, and make exercise more enjoyable and convenient while you walk towards toning up your belly fats.

Soda won’t Help!

If you are really serious about getting your belly toned up and make you more attractive, you will have to start watching your soda intake. Stay away from carbonated drinks; they accumulate up in your belly

Use belly weight loss supplements

As I do tell people, we can’t completely rule out the place of supplements when it comes to losing fat from any area of our body; they help achieve the desired result quickly and will lesser effort. The best one I can recommend for you when it comes to that are Capslim products. They can do the magic. But in all, never forget, everything starts with what goes on your plate; what you eat. So start taking conscious effort to watch what you eat and you will start seeing your belly getting flat in no time.