Weight reduction,  refers to a discount of the total frame mass, due to an average lack of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue or lean mass, particularly bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue. Weight reduction can occur by accident or due to malnourishment or an underlying ailment or get up from a conscious effort to enhance an actual or perceived overweight or obese state. Unexplained weight loss that is not because of reduction in calorific consumption or exercise is known as cachexia .it can be a symptom of a serious scientific situation. Intentional weight reduction is called slimming.

There is a large market for products which promise to make weight loss easier, quicker, cheaper, more reliable. They include

  • Books
  • DVD & CDs
  • cremes
  • lotions
  • pills
  • earrings
  • body wraps
  • belts for your body
  • fitness centers
  • clinics
  • personal coaches
  • weight loss groups
  • food productsand supplements.

What are Weight losing Pills?

They are anti-obesity medications. In other words, they are alternative to lose weight through exercise. By altering the absorption of calories they change the process of human body regulation.


What is better Regular exercise or Weight loss pills?

  • Exercising Keeps the Heart Strong

Regular exercise tones and strengthens the muscles. Our Heart is a muscle that needs a good workout to keep it healthy. Regular exercise lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Due to exercise blood circulation and ability to handle stress also increased.

  • Exercising Invigorates Both Mind and Body

exercising also keeps the mind clear and alert. it releases happy hormones. These hormones eliminate stress and anxiety. Beside this, it lowers the risk of depression and other mental disorders.

  • Keeps the Pounds Off

When your body is active enough. The calories burnt. Ultimately the body remains in the proper shape.

  • Strained Muscles

The surplus of everything is a danger either its exercise or overdose of medicine. Doing too much exercise makes your muscle strained and hence lead to joint or muscle pains.


  • Free and no diet plan is required

Exercising is free, you can do it at your home and in open places. There is no diet plan is required for this.

While on the other side the weight loss pills seemed to look a simple solution to lose weight.

  • Costly and need proper medication

There is no such thing as a free lunch. You always have to pay something to get something. Usage of weight loss pills needs proper medication and care because single overdose can put your life into trouble.

  • Unsafe Chemicals

There are chemicals involved in the production of these pills that are sometimes toxic to health. They can create different problems related to heart, kidney, liver, and cancer. Studies have shown that taking such pills make you frustrated, depressed.

So, we can say that exercising is better than any diet pill. Diet supplements may seem like a magical solution for the people with a strong desire of individuals who want to lose weight or maintain their weight.

What vitamins should you take to lose weight?

vitamin B-12, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and green tea supplements can help you lose weight. The benefits of using them are

  • revving up your metabolism
  • flipping a switch in your body
  • signaling your cells to burn fat

How Weight losing Pills actually works?

The herbal supplement works in a special way. They boost up your metabolism and suppress your desire to eat. Due to this, your body keeps absorbing the fact that you eat.


What should you do Loss weight?

  • never skip a breakfast. Eat a high-protein breakfast. Because it’s the most prime time to have things that you like and burn your calories throughout the day.
  • Try to eat fruits and vegetables rather than junk food. Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
  • Drink water a half hour before meals so that you would have less space left in your stomach and calories intake would be less
  • Choose weight loss-friendly foods
  • Drink tea or coffee, whatever you love to have, with your beloved ones
  • Eat your food slowly. By taking food in small portions can also help you to lose weight.
  • Stay persistent and positive.
  • Eat unprocessed foods.
  • Calorie counter can also help you to notify your daily food requirements
  • soluble fiber can help you to lose weight
  • Changing your psychological nature to think about food every single minute. Keep your self-busy in various tasks.



There must be a control on the availability of such products. As when such medication is readily available to every doorstep people would be less willing to exercises stuff and outdoor games to make them self physically and mentally fit.Because of availability of diet pills on only medical store people use it without any medication and then get harmed. So this must be controlled by Food and Drug Administration.



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