Health plays an important role in the development of a country. A state of complete physical, mental fitness is health. Social wellbeing is not only the absence of disease. In the formal learning procedure of a child health plays an important part because better health leads to taking him perform better in academics, home and ultimately for the society as a whole.

As it is considered that school teaches basic personal hygiene and sanitation to the students. We can say that the wealthier students are more successful in school and that can learn more efficiently. Not only these healthier students are more able to use education at any point in this life.


According to World Health Organization, there are two types of infrastructure

  • Human infrastructure that includes health, education, and nutrition in its all forms.
  • Physical infrastructure

Includes, Access to clean drink water, sanitation facilities, Access to basic necessities of life, food, house, shelter, and education self-esteem.

What are the main reasons behind the unhealthy life?

Poverty line (people below poverty live)

In developing countries there is a large proportion of people living below the poverty line poverty is not a situation in which there is per capita income is less than $1.5 but according to World Bank a person is called poor if he does not have food to eat, house to lives cloth to cover and skills for education and proper health.

Low level of education:

Education and health are closely linked with each other. Both are crucial for economic development of a country. A greater education helps to learn more manners about society. In developing countries, people donor have access to education. As a result, they don’t learn about the multiregional facts of eating healthy food. A situation of unhealthy life prevails.

An educated mother can also pray a positive role in such platforms through education as she can better understand the pros and cons of cleanliness and health.

Unemployment rate:

  • Despite a drastic increase in mechanization and technology. The unemployment rate is increasing in the overall world rather than decreasing. In developing countries, it is in its worst condition. Poor tend to have a large number of children because they which they would be more money at home. These child labor work in undesirable conditions and hence unhealthy lifestyle prevails
  • Psychological habits

These are psychological habits that make the situation sometimes worse. People do not make themselves adjustable in clean areas sometimes.

Stereotyped statements:

Why should we care other’s health? If they want it they can do it themselves.

  • Gender inequality:

Economic development is not only increased in capita income. It is the situation.

“What is happening to poverty?

What is happening to the unemployment rate?

What is happening to gender inequality?”

There is no development if one of two is increasing and even per capita income is increasing. All of three must be decreasing for economic development.

In developed countries, there is high gender inequality. Now agenda 2025 lies included it to decrease gender at national and international level. Boys are given more priory rather than female. So, they are in poor condition.

What should Developing countries do?

Create awareness:

  • As it is an era of mass communication, there is need to create awareness through mass media. The involvement of religious scholars to stress about health and malnutrition can also play. Positive role increase spending on health as a percent of GDP.
  • The government should play a positive role spending its budgets on health and malnutrition.
  • The improvement of physical infrastructure in the form of increasing sanitation facilities, road, water availability to the poor also the best way to increase investment in health.

 What can developed countries do?

  • Developed countries can help the developing countries only if they have will to do it.
  • With the investment in health and education sector in the form of assistance or on soft loans can help developing countries to achieve their goals.
  • Role of world health organizations can assist the developing countries by providing them physical infrastructure in the form of access to clean drinking water, health institutions, and sanitation facilities.



How to lose weight by not harming your health and nutrition

  • Learn from the people
  • Make your self-organized
  • Take the example of different developed countries and their peak point that how they helped their people to have a life full of nutrition and health.
  • Get fired up and make your self-focused.
  • Learn about malnutrition in this both forms it is dangerous for health
  • Address social problems rather than sitting idle in front of Television and gaining weight.
  • The government increased expenditure on Health and nutrition as a percent of Gross Domestic Product can bring positive change. As by this, the physical infrastructure will be developed and there will be economic growth.
  • Create linkage between Health and Education. Then you will realize that why Health is so important.







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