Maybe someday we’ll be able to find a perfect world when you have a perfect plan for your pregnancy which of course may include the idea of getting that fantastic shape. But then for many women, this is really not realistic. As exciting as pregnancy may be, the dilemma of how to lose weight during this period is almost impossible especially for those that are already over weight before the pregnancy. Fortunately recent study has indicated that weight loss during pregnancy might be possible, and may even be beneficial for women who are extremely overweight or obese. Perhaps you believe that you can benefit from weight loss during pregnancy, it is recommended you talk to your doctor on how to lose weight during this period in a way that is safe for you and your baby. Therefore if your doctor recommends you to lose weight, here’s how to do so safely during pregnancy

Understand how much weight you need to gain or lose

While our focus may sometimes change being overweight during pregnancy to losing weight, the fact remains that you still need to understand how much weight you need to gain. And of course how much a healthy amount of this is since you now have another human growing inside of you.

Reduce the calories

If you really have to lose your weight, you must understand that the first thing you need to consider is the amount of calorie intake. The more calories you burn off, the better your chances of losing weight. Study shows that it takes 3,500 calories deficit to lose 1 pound, and in a week, there need to be about 500 calories deficit cut out per day. You may need to talk to your dietician to discuss food plans, as well as diet pills and maybe weight lose pills that is best for you. Please make effort to ensure that you eat no fewer than 1,700 calories per day because this is the minimum you need to ensure you and your baby are getting enough energy and nutrient on a regular basis.

But then if you always consume far more calories than normal, you may consider trying the following examples

  • Use a Capslim product
  • Eat smaller portion
  • Reduce unhealthy fats (e.g. butter) for a plant-based diet, maybe the olive oil.
  • Exchange baked food for fruits
  • Fill up on vegetables instead of traditional carbs
  • Avoid large amount of junk food.

In overall, take daily vitamin as ensured in Capslim products such that you are getting the nutrient you and your baby needs especially the Foliate which helps decreases the risk for birth defects. Very importantly, you may need to also avoid skipping meals in a bid to lose weight during pregnancy, this is because trying to do this restricts nutrient required for your fetus and may lead to miscarriages.

Exercise Daily

While most women are afraid to exercise out of fear that it may harm their babies. It is important to state that certain exercise such as sit ups can possibly harm the babies really but such fear is really not necessary as it is untrue that other exercise may harm their babies.

Some of the best exercises for pregnant women are:

  • swimming
  • walking
  • gardening
  • prenatal yoga
  • Jogging

On the flip side, you should avoid any activities that:

  • rely on balance, such as bike riding or skiing
  • are performed in the heat
  • cause pain
  • make you dizzy

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